Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How much melatonin can you take at a time(10mg)?

There is no set dosage for melatonin. I learned my limit by increasing the dose by one pill or tablet a night every night. My limit is actually 2-3 a night as needed for insomnia. Just check to see how 1 affects you and then increase from there. If you are falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer then maybe you should stop at that dose and keep it. Melatonin gives me sum pretty crazy dreams that are very lucid but i like that!
i've been taking melatonin for years. as far as i can tell, you can't overdose on it. i take at least 20mg a day, often much more.
Take as much as you need... start low and add a pill as you need it. It's natural... it won't hurt you.
my doctor started me out at 3mg and we gradually increased to 9mg. I don't think it can really hurt you.
No! 10 mg is too much.
Do not take more than 3 mg. MAXIMUM in a 24-hour period.
1-3 mg a night
I just picked some up not to long ago and we asked the pharmacist about it and they could answer that question.
Check with them but I think 10mg was max


  1. This is incorrect information. A dosage of up to 40mg per day is safe, with the guidance of your physician. It is recommended you start at or around 3-5mg per day.(a minimal dose)

  2. Increased amounts of this hormone (yes melatonin is a hormone), Provides not only sleep, but cell repair.

  3. Well I just took 9mg and its been about half an hour now and im not feeling anything. I have tried many different types of sleep aids and nothing i have tried has really worked yet and I have taken more than the recommend dose. Im about to take a few more and hope it helps.

    1. I have taken 6 pills of the 5mg dosage and still I am not asleep. So it's not dangerous. Hope this sheds some light your way.

  4. I took 100mg once and I felt fine and fantastic the day after. I've never slept that great before or since. I half woke up in the middle of the night to this crazy storm outside and I was so tired and half asleep that I could imagine super well that I was sleeping on a ship with waves crashing on the side of my bedroom. It was fun.