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What is the Chinese herb Xiao Yao Wan used for?

It is used to sooth the liver, strengthening the spleen, and nourishes the blood to restore normal menstruation.
Just for clarification, Xiao Yao Wan is a multi-herb formula, not a single herb. As to the formula functions, the first respondent listed them dead-bang on. I would also suggest seeing an acupuncturists, or TCM herbalist before starting any Chinese herbal formula to insure you are taking the correct formula for your pattern diagnosis.

What is the best way to treat chronic constipation naturally?

Like a good dietary program, or some products that can be used or taken daily and long run. Thanks!
Yes pupa.parva, you correctly have noticed, if you have a health diet - you kill problem with constipation naturally. Constipation is mainly due to poor eating habits, insufficient exercise, not getting enough fiber and not drinking enough water. Yes, constipation is quite uncomfortable and most everyone knows when they have it.One way to help get things moving is to increase your intake of potassium through eating foods it naturally occurs in. You remember your grandmother telling you to eat prunes to relieve constipation, right? Well that is because prunes are high in potassium!Potassium works wonders on the walls of the colon and helps to stimulate peristaltic action which makes your bowels move. It also helps to clean out layers of mucus and dried fecal matter that have built up along the colon walls. Other foods that contain potassium include: tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, kale, sesame seeds, wheat germ, brewers yeast, pineapple and cauliflower. Also you should include eating more fiber which is found in fresh fruit (bananas, apples, papaya, grapes and oranges), fresh vegetables, whole grains and pulses. You should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day or juice. And exercise.
Jason Homan
try eating 2 apples a day..include more fibre in your diet; whole wheat bread, prunes, dates, coffee has been known to help as well...but don;t ever over do it (especially with commercial kind), when it comes to laxatives or your body will become dependant on them.
Constipation is most commonly caused by a diet that is low in fiber, but can also be caused by drinking too much milk (more than 12-16oz/day), not drinking enough water or waiting too long to go to the bathroom.
Moderate exercise (such as walking) is also important.
I would recommend changing your diet to include whole grains, along with fresh veggies and fruit. The roughage/fibre in the whole grains will train your colon to start getting rid of waste more efficiently.
It is going to be a little uncomfortable when you first change over, so you may want some charcoal or other meds to help relieve gas.
I have the same problem. I use aloe vera juice at night and mornings 1 desertspoon. I also have bran cereal for breakfast. plenty of fruit through the day and water is important as is exercise. I also make sure i have salads and vegetables. kiwifruit at night before you retire works wonders. good luck.
take a 1/4 cup of warm milk and put in 2 tablespoon olive oil. drink that early in morning before anything. in 3-4 days your chronic constipation will go away and stay away as long as you use that. ( its not much oil and most of that is not even absorbed0
the first answer is very good. and also look for the source of you constipation it will be good to consult to a doctor if is chronic.
since the cause is very important.
add fiber to your diet gradually. try oatmeal for breakfast, and add more fruits and veggies to your diet. what helps me most is to drink plenty of water every day -- i try for 3 liters per day. it really does help!
Fiber and water.
Also take a supplement of Magnesium.
Best to get your fiber via the food you eat. Bookstores offer books that list the calorie, protein, carbohydrate, and fiber content of most foods.
Start drinking plum juice, prune juice, unfiltered apple juice, or pure cranberry juice. Eat high fiber cereal daily.
Limit the amount of cheese and rice that you eat. Limit the amount of processed flour, processed sugar, corn starch, and gelatin that you eat
Work your way up to eight prunes a day with plenty of water, and you will not have constipation anymore. And it is cheap too. Good health does not have to be magic or expensive. Almost anyone can enjoy good health.
Try to eat food reach with Magnesium, or just have a magnesium sulphate as an additives
Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and adding Braggs apple cider vinegar 3 times a day. Eating prunes daily will help also. Oh and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
Less animal protein, increase fruits and vegetables, a decent brand of yogurt (doesn't have to be activia, check the label for active bacterial cultures) and white grape juice . . .but no more than a glass a day or you'll be sorry!
I eat very clean and this also happens to me! but I have found 2 products that work very well! they are both natural(ingreds) pure safe beneficial and botanically based. I use . figure 8 daily detox tea, and also their herbal colon cleanse both of these products are mild and phenonomal!
Lots of whole grains, water. Flax seeds will do the trick too. If you're feeling adventurous-try castor oil (a tablespoon every half hour for 2 hours)-just keep close to the toilet.
I had constipation all my life, but ever since I started drinking coffee because of working midnights, it totally got rid of it and now I tend to have the opposite problem. Also a high fiber diet is good for helping constipation.
Triphala is a fantastic Aruyvedic herb that helps with constipation.Begin each morning with a cup of hot water on an empty stomach. This stimulates peristalsis, the intestinal movement.Eat plenty of lightly cooked veggies for fiber. Raw veggies can upset the digestion more. Rolled oats are also helpful. Avoid milk and beans; the former contributes to constipation and the latter is a difficult fiber to digest and makes it worse. Basically, you want to consume soluble fiber--veggies, grains; and avoid insoluble fiber (beans, raw leafy veggies, bran, skins of fruit). Re-introduce insoluble fiber once your digestive tract is happy again, and see how it goes.
Try prunes. Also drink alot of water and try raisins,figs,apples, and berries.
The same way a mathematician does...with a pencil.
Eat organic high fiber and raw fruits and vegetables. I drink a large amount of water within 1 hour (about 11/2-2 litres and eat sunseet prunes. It takes care of it within 2-4 hours. Although the prunes are gassy its still a excellant remedy.
Forget about special products and pills. First, just increase your fiber intake by eating lots of wholesome fresh foods and cereals. If you get your fiber intake to 25gms a day for a month, you'll most surely see your problem disappear... you'll lose weight and feel great. If that doesn't work, then see a doc, as something serious may be amiss.
I have just started chapter 16 of Doctor Colbert, MD: "The Seven Pillars of Health". He has many best seller books available. Many of your local department stores have his book for sale.
Wal-Mart has it. The whole 1st section is on water and it's benefits to our lives and diet.
I recommend his book to learn about your health and diet. Knowledge is power - get powerful; read.
Of course, eating more fiber is great. But if you want a really good, natural constipation remedy, try psyllium husks is capsule form. They help add moisture to your stool and become easier to pass. Check out http://www.realhomeremedies.com... and click on the constipation link on the left for more info.
The constipation had happened due to the improper digestion. So please go to the root cause and try to correct it. Here are some tips which will modify your digestion. Please ensure your breakfast at right time- between 7am and 9am. Don't take any snacks, fried items, soft drinks in between main foods. Take lunch between 12.30- 2.00. Can you have a tea at 4 o' clock. Please finish the supper before 8.30. Go to bed at 10. If you took a heavy food at any of these schedule, please wait to get an hungry feeling before next food. Please drink lot of boiled water in between food. Go to the toilets at right time.
Drugs- Triphala is a good ayurvedic drug. You can try some patented drugs like Anuloma DS two at bedtime, Cap Herbolax 2-0-2, Tab Avipathikar 2-0-2, Cap Balasudha 0-0-1, Hridyavirechana leha one teaspoon at bedtime.
Remember there is a fire burning inside your stomach and that one is one and the only lord of our health. So please ensure it is always lighted. If more fire woods are put , it will turn off. Then we should carefully light it like lighting a lamp in storm. Take small light foods in intervals and try to improve your digestion. When ever you are not getting good appetite, take some fruit juice and finish eating. Wait for the call from stomach for another food. Till then, don't give any more stuff to the poor stomach. Remember, the light inside the stomach is our lord. According to ayurveda, it is our life.
any symptoms that become chronic are typically due to some underlying problem. it's important to treat constipation with good diet and fibre intake but you should also consider looking into what is causing it in the first place. In Chinese Medicine this is typically due to some kind of heat disorder and may be accompanied by redness in the face, drt mouth, throat, thirst, dark urine or possibly nausea and vomiting. an acupuncturist may help relieve symptoms in the long term, encourage bowel movement, there are also some good chinese herbs that he/she could give you.
Increase water intake and Prune Juice.
Try a cleansing diet! I did and lost 11 pounds and 21 inches in only 9 days. I was very happy with the results and continued on the program and lost 29 pounds in 5 weeks. This is the fastest I have ever lost with other diets like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast, Slimfast etc鈥? Cleansing works by removing impurities from your body. You get impurities from your food (pesticides, preservatives, food additives, colorings) water, chemicals, pollution, medications, alcohol, hormones that the animals you eat were fed etc鈥?YUCK! The impurites get coated with fat and remain in your body. To remove the fat, you have to remove the impurites. This system worked for me, maybe it can work for you too. You can check out the website or call this toll free number 1-877-587-4647 for more info. The program is not cheap, but it is worth every penny since it works and keeps you motivated. Good luck! More cleansing info at http://thebestcleansingdiet.com...

What is the best way to stop smoking and tobacco in general?

I have a dual dependency. I started chewing tobacco when I was14 cause all my friends did it, and smoking I started at 28 off and on. Now I feel its out of control at 35. Give me the low down on quit tobacco programs please if you have experience with them.
I totally agree with Nurse 22. Chantix. It's amazing. When you start smoking, the cells in your body are altered. Chantix changes your cells back to the way they were before you ever began tobacco use. I was really sceptical until I tried it. I was a HEAVY smoker - all of a sudden, I would realize I had gone 10 hours without smoking and not even missed it. Talk to your doctor about this - it's by prescription only. But the success rate with it is higher than anything else out there by far!! Good luck to you and you're making a GREAT choice!!
Call the Quitline and join a Quit Smoking Clinic.A Yahoo search for "Quit Smoking Clinics" will tell you much more. A search for Quitline might also help.
Chantix! I work in a pharmacy and everyone that has completed the medication therapy along with counseling program they offer has been successful! You must complete the full three months with chantix that includes the starting pack and two continueing packs for it to be 100% effective anyone that has only done the starter pack (one month) ends up going back to smoking
Commit lozenges
My friend get rid of smoking by using Nicocure...http://primeherbal.com/nicocure/...If it does not work ..ask your money back ..
Here is what they wrote on the site Money Back Guarantee
With Nicocure you can't lose. In fact, we're so sure of your success that we are offering all of our customers a risk-free guarantee. The deal is this: try Nicocure for yourself to see the great results of our special combination of all-natural herbal ingredients. If you're not happy with your purchase then simply return the used packaging after you are finished for a full refund less processing fee shipping and handling.Troy
Switch to nicotine gum to get off the chewing tobacco. Or go on the nicotine patch and chew your favourite flavour of gum. Or suck on a good lollipop or candy.I found the patch helped me immensely. The trick is to keep your hands busy as well. Get some worry beads to fiddle with in your hands. Or one of those soft squeegie forms to press with your fingers and palms. When you get the urge to have smoke, make yourself wait five minutes, and do something else. The urge should pass. If you are still finding the urge to be unbearable, see a doctor. You may need some medicine in the form of pills, that will help control the urges your brain is fighting. Remember that the nicotine habit is just as hard, if not harder to beat, as cocaine. You may find it takes more than one try to quit.Good luck.
Sorry, have no answer to this. But you should check out the added detail to my question that you answered, and maybe check out my other questions periodically. I'll have another that may interest you in about five minutes.

What is the best way to quit smoking?

I have tried cold turkey but that didn't work is there any suggestions?
Congrats on trying to quit. That's great!
First, I think, you have to tell us how long you have smoked, how old you are, how much you smoke and your sex. Yeah, that matters too.
Without knowing all of those things, I think the best way is for you to find out how it feels like when you quit. Do that by quitting. Go as long as you can. When you absolutely can't stand it any longer, force yourself to hold off. When you are about to die, make note of how you feel. Make note of what is forcing you to want a smoke. It will be unique to you alone.
Once you know that, the next time you try to quit you will be ready for it. Then try again, and again, and again. All of a sudden you will get it.
It took me 4 months of failure before I got it right. It was the most horrifying thing I ever did. I must have failed 100 times, but each time I learned more about the feelings, the emotions I would have and the "ugly" I would feel and I would try to figure out how to address it. Some time I got it right and sometimes I didn't.
I smoked heavily for over 30 years and I've been off the cancer sticks for 3 years now. I pray you have not smoked for so long, but even so, I'm no better than you, and I did it.
You can too! Go for it.NEVER STOP TRYING!!!!
hot turkey.
well for me it was cold turkey that worked .but my husband used the patch and it worked real good for him it eases the nicotin withdrawl
Stay away from them. Throw away all of your cigarettes.
Don't buy more. Take pills to stop. It has already damaged you though. You can't really change the past.
cold turkey!!
I dont know either rhoda... If you ever find the answer to HOW TO QUIT SMOKING... Get it patended, You'll be a Billionaire!$$$ that nicotine is something. one person at my work quit by hypmotism.. I quit for 8 months once, %26 started again. I used the patch then. I guess you JUST CANT HAVE ONE. SAY NO.
Try to keep yourself less-stressed because some people tend to light up whenever they are.Avoid other smokers because its easy for you to reach their box and light up.Have a supportive non-smoker to support and keep you off lighting up. Make sure its someone you'd spend the effort to really listen to - rather than someone you're not.Know the scientific and solid facts about smoking: knowing that you will get lung/throat cancer, heart failure, promote your own liver failure, rotting skin (especially around your toes and feet), cataracs (eye disease), terrible breath, killing loved ones near you slowly (actually killing them faster than you kill yourself) with your smoke [in other words: secondhand-smoke] - its a matter of whether you really care to quit or not.Last but not least... learn how to quit from the heart, if you love yourself enough to live longer you will know that every cigarette you dont light up will increase your chances to live longer... before you practically end it abruptly yourself.
DO NOT quit cold turkey. It is like a dieter cutting out all junk foods - you will binge. On cigarettes.Here are some tips.1. Chew sugarfree gum. It keeps your breath smelling good and you can buy it at the dollar store. Mint candies are good too. My dad tried eating candy when he stopped smoking and he put on some weight...try low cal alternatives2. Stay active. Walk, swim, dance, just do something to get your mind of that nicotine.3. Find the reason that drives you to smoke and find an alternative for it. Stress? Take a long hot soak in the tub or something. Bored? Uh, find something to do. 4. Find hobbies that keep your hands busy, like knitting or drawing, read books, etc.5. Keep tobacco related products out of your house. If someone else lives with you and won't keep their sh*t out of sight, make them stash it.6. Think about all the time it wastes. Let's say hypothetically you smoke five cigarettes a day and take about five minutes for each one. That is twenty five minutes gone every day, almost 3 hours gone in a week, half a day every month, about six DAYS every year. Seriously, that is a lot of time vanished from your life, not even counting the time you may have shortened your life expectancy.7. Volunteer somewhere. It will take your mind off your problem. For example if you help out at a food bank it will suddenly seem more trivial stressing about cigarettes when people are hungry out there and worried about where their next meal comes from.8. Keep a journal. Keep track of your smoking habits. It may help you find out what sets them off. Sometimes writing about it helps you forget about it. Write down how many cigarettes, if any, you had that day, or what you did to avoid smoking.9. Whenever you feel like buying cigarettes, take the same amount of money you would spent and put it in a jar or the bank or something. Once the money adds up to a nice large amount, a pack of cigarettes doesn't seem quite so appealing. It is also a bit like bribing yourself. :)10. Maybe you can donate some of that money you waste on cigarettes to organizations helping people dying of lung cancer, which is the boat YOU may be in if you keep this up.
For me quitting cold turkey works, I quit almost a year ago and haven't pick one up since. But in the past I've tried to quit many times.and always failed. You know how you say "oh I'll quit after this pack" ..does not work. So you have to reallly want to quit. Think about all the benefits you will gain from quitting write them down. Tell yourself everday what poisons your putting in your body and that it does not deserve it. Keep a strong mind and quit when you are truly up for it.
do scare ta-tic work on you?there's a lot of different meds to help,but i don't like the idea of taking meds to stop smoking?most hospitals have smoking sensation classes for free,try quit assist on-line or Phillip Morris.com, ask your doctor?hypnotist worked on my mother, shes been a non smoker for 30 years now, but you must really want to quit for it to work,for me i had an aneurysm and dadurning surgery had a stroke because i smoked, it was enough to scare me, doctor said if i smoked or was around a lot of second hand smoke I'd die, now i cant even stand to be around someone who smokes, they smell so bad, there clothes, house and car all smell.smoking can cause you to age earlier and faster , your teeth-usually get nasty, and to kiss, how gross!!!my aunt lost her leg because of smoking. I've had friends get copd and lung cancer, go to the hospital check out all the patients who are there because of smoking.and think of all that money you could still have if you quit, i know its not easy, i waited way to late to quit, but i tried, and that's what you must continue to do, keep trying, never give up trying,i wish you the best of luck, so never give up!!!!!!!!!
you have to want to befor you can .i mean really want to and they say cold turkey is the best of corse i dont want so i couldnt do it

What is the best way to quit smoking?

I have smoked for 14 years and its not helping me but hurting me for the worse
Visit a "quit smoking" clinic if such places exist.
Forget the 'I don't want to smoke' and replace it with a 'I want to be healthy' attitude. This will cause you to want to make lifestyle changes in all areas of your life.Your addiction is psychological and physiological. Guilt seems to work in a circular fashion- drawing you back to the activities you want to avoid and each time you try and 'fail' you push yourself even further into the smoking corner, making it harder to give up!Fill your life with positive activities such as running, and swimming. As you cut down on your smoking you'll actually FEEL the physical health benefits of giving up smoking.
I successfully used the Nicoderm CQ method. I smoked 2 1/2 pax for years. I've now been smoke free since 1998. They are very good at cutting the cravings while weaning your body off the nicotene.
cold turkey. Do it at a time when you are not likely to have a lot of stresses from work, moving house, etc.
commit cherry lozenges read package instructions!
Make up your mind to quit and do it. No one can do it for you. You will be improving your health by stopping that dirty stinky habit. How'd I do?
cold turkey, smoked for 12 years, quit just like that. just sucked getting drunk makes you want a cig bad.
Cold turkey is the only way. If you try and step down your amounts, you will have a bad day or moment and say "what the hell!"
You have to not only want to quit but almost hate the habit with a passion.
I did it cold turkey myself been off of it for 5 years.
There are many ways to quit but the best way is to just quit. In 3 days all the nicotine will be out of your body but you will still struggle with the addiction of the hand-to-mouth habit. Don't replace it with food. What I did was take a drinking straw (just a plain white one the same size as the McDonald's one), cut it the length of a cigarette, stuffed it with a cotton ball and left it in a clean ashtray by the phone. One was in my car, on my deck, and in my purse. Whenever you really crave one, you simply "smoke" it. I used this crutch for about 2 months and then gradually tapered off. Remember you are like an alcoholic with cigarettes, you can't even have just one. You will find that the longer you go without them, the less you will miss them. You might also change your habits...don't go to a bar, don't play cards with friends, don't go on break with smoking friends, etc. You need to break the habit as well as the addiction. Good luck. It works.
This may sound crazy but you did not take any pills are wear any patches to start smoking so the best way to quit is the same way you started just quit. Go cold turkey!
Get your doctor to prescribe Chantix. It is like the magic pill. I have been taking it for three months now. I have tried to quit in the past with other methods only to fail. Chantix takes away almost all of your withdrawal symptoms. The only withdrawal symptom that you really have to deal with is your mind and that even diminishes easier than you think it will, due to the fact that your body is not going through nicotine withdrawls your mind doesn't keep saying "smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke". Really, try it you will be surprised. The first week you take it you are to continue to smoke. Even during that first week when you are only taking half the dosage your urge to smoke drastically decreases. Good Luck
AcupunctureKim at: http://www.peaceful-organic-planet.com...
Just stop buying the damn things!
hmm..14 years already?? well..not sure if you could stop smoking..better try and reduced it and change to lights..that'll do..
Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U. Check it out鈥︹€?.
you can try essential oils that are supposed to help you quit smoking. i would try it before spending a lot of money on the patch. the free recipe is towards the bottom of the page.

What is the best way to improve your immune system?

What should a person eat regularly to improve their immune system?
No powders or potions please!
Echinacea helps boost the immune system by close to 50% along with tomatoes which are high in antioxidants but both are pretty much useless when cooked as it boils away there effectiveness as with any herb or vegitable there are many out there yes garlic is a good one also go down to a book store and buy a book on herbs and roots lots of info one i have is encyclopedia of herbs i found at barns and noble
Garlic (not fully boiled) will help a lot. 5 to 10 Neem leaves (fresh) taken in empty stomach in the morning help also.
No single solution, but in general eating plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables should help you.
Sources of anti-oxidants reduce the level of free radicals in your system. This is proven science. Free radicals are active chemicals which cause damage to your body and health. Sources of anti-oxidants are best natural since artificial and concentrated forms can be just as harmful as free radicals. Fruit and vegetables are the best sources along with tea (the drink).
Many claims are made about immune system boosters and some are more valid than others, try some different things, many claims are totally unproven and there is even treatments which recommend exposure to substances which attact the immune system to prevoke a response and thus strengthen it, most notably naturopathy, which has been discredited because concentrations of the stimulants are too low to be effective.
I would say antioxidants too. They help to slow down the aging of cells. They help to prevent cancer and repair damaged cells. Doing all these will improve immune system. Antioxidants can be found in a rich variety of foods such as apples, broccoli, grape seed, etc.

What is the best way to heal operated wound aside from fish & hard boiled egg?

my friend got operated in the stomach 4 times. the doctors kept the wound(4-5 inches)open %26 allows to heal. she is a strict vegetarian %26 wanted to know of vegetables that will help in fast healing of the wound.
In Homeopathy CALENDULA(Marie-gold) is known to heal and cure deep gashes and wounds and surgical incisions like magic. It is available in ointment form or you can buy it in Q(Mother Tincture) potency and mix it in any unscented non medicated moisturizer and apply it to the wound and it cures without leaving a visible scar. Totally amazing results. To read more about this gem of a remedy please click the link :- http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/c/cal...Take Care and God Bless.
soy beans have the most protien in them.
By chance is your name Borat?
Just make sure she eats well, and keeps healthy. There is no magic food that will help her heal quick. It's important that she is careful with how much she eats obviously because her wound is sensitive to stomach expansion (depending on the location of the wound).
In practice, we find that many vegetarians are deficient in complete proteins and minerals.Is she vegan? She won't be getting colagen from eggs then, or complete protein from milk products.Assuming she is in fact vegan, it's best to really be diligent about food combining and get that complete protein, and possibly look into a liquid mineral supplement, because even if she's eating all organically grown, there are only a few farms in the US that have properly restored their minerals to the overfarmed lands they got for cheap.Good Luck... :)
Broccoli, spinach, turnip greens as far as builidng bodily recuperative and functional abilities. Assume your friend is on "drainage" mode and cannot apply cocoa butter or other topicals to the area to promote healing as the wound is still open. You mentioned fish and eggs which translates she is a moderate rather than a strict vegetarian which would exclude dairy products altogether. In such a case, yogurt, cottage cheese and body building "elixers" such as "blender magic"
could be incorporated. Used to give my mom (Pancreatic cancer) the following: 1 egg, 1 banana, 1 yogurt (8 oz) 4 oz apricot or peach nectar as often as she would drink it. You can delete the egg if your friend is hard core vegan or lie about it in her best interest as eggs are protein or you can up her protein with cheese, peanut butter, beans, your choice here.
Vegetarian patients with wounds will need to have their menus revised to incorporate a variety of nuts, grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and beverages. Snacks, such as nuts or a whey protein nutrition bar, add to the daily protein content of a diet.Vegetarian diets may also be low in vitamin D, calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc.1 Therefore, a multivitamin supplement may be needed to ensure that 100% of the daily requirements are met and that deficiencies are avoided.
I heard Reiki is good as an extra source of energy especially before and after surgery. Good luck!