Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is the best natural remedy for thyroid problem?

specifically for hypo %26 hyperthyroidism.
If you are asking about both hypo and hyperthyroidism, I assume you are not about to treat yourself.Both hypo- and hyperthyroidism can be very serious (life threatening) conditions, so need to be taken seriously! There are many natural forms of treatment that can assist in management of thyroid conditions.Many herbs can be used to help manage symptoms, and others can help tone the thyroid. The herbs chosen depend to a large extent on the cause of the condition eg iodine deficiency/autoimmune/pituitar... problem etc.Hypothyroidism:
Fucus versiculosis (Bladderwrack) is the main herb for an underactive thyroid. Nettle seeds can also help.
Liver herbs such as Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Globe artichoke can help by increasing liver metabolism, which generally helps metabolism.
Globe artichoke can help the hypercholesterolaemia common in hypothyroidism.
Yellowdock (Rumex crispus) can help the associated constipation.
Exercise and avoiding brassica vegetables are important.
Skin brushing before showering can help
Increasing warming foods like chilli, ginger, cinnamon can help increse metabolic rate, and help that feeling of being cold.Hyperthyroidism:
Bugleweed is the herb most commonly used for hyperthyroidism.
For the symptoms:
Motherwort for anxiety and palpitations.
Lemonbalm for the digestive problems and nervousness.Withania is used for general toning of the thyroid.The presentation of thyroid conditions is quite varied, so for best treatment, would need to know the symptoms, not just the condition.I hope this helps adn wish you all the best.
it depends on the base cause.
I dont know how anyone can treat themselves hemeopathcally from a hormonal inbalance. I definately wouldnt try it. Its dangerous to let those conditions go, there is a risk of heart problems.
These are very, very serious conditions. A hyperthyrpid can cause lasting damage to the cardiovascular system among many other things. Homeopathic medicine is for things like allergies and the sniffles, not for serious hormonal disorders.
Hi bradv, marine phytoplankton has come to be known as thyroid health food. The electrolytes and nutrients marine phytoplankton possesses are what the human body needs to control metabolic rate. Another natural supplement for thyroid support showing positive results in studies is the juice of the go-ji or lyceum berry from Asia. The fruit is seen as an immunomodulator - it can balance abnormal responses in the body and is seen by many as a natural treatment for thyroid problems.Are there any vitamins that can be take for thyroid support? Well, kelp is a combination of vitamins, minerals and supplements and has been said to work well in the treatment of thyroid problems. If you are on thyroid medication, be sure to take a good multivitamin with minerals and a few grams of Vitamin C everyday. Vitamin A is also very essential for the treatment of hypothyroidism as enough of it must be present in the body to enable the gland to absorb enough iodine.
Even if you are intending to take some natural remedies for a thyroid problem, you really must speak to your doctor first. Otherwise you could do more harm than good.Get referred to a specialist so that you have a proper diagnosis. Then, as well as any medication you are required to take, you could also take some natural remedies with it - but do tell your doctor so he can check that none of these would interfere with the medication.Thyroid problems can be serious; don't treat it lightly.
Some of the answers here scared me. I have been diagnosed with hypoadrenalism, over 5 years ago by my Endocrinologist. Initially he prescribed Cortef which I never bothered taking. Instead I went to 2 different Homeopaths and tried several things and have spent hundreds on all kinds of stuff. Well, I don't think the stuff I took hurt me per say, but I do believe that I should have taken the conventional route first in my case. Now I am worse off than I ever was and I am going back to my Endocrinologist. I believe Homeopaths are good when you are healthy to begin with. But thyroid issues are very complex and you could get hurt by not addressing it properly.
Homeopathic medicines, nothing works better. Totally Natural,Safe and 100% effective who needs side effects and complications of conventional drugs. For me and my family, Homeopathy works perfectly and I love what it does.Viva Homeopathy.

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