Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is the best ginseng you can take there seems so many?

An adaptogen helps the body adapt to stresses, whether they be mental or physical. It is in this area that all three ginsengs excel.
Chinese or Korean Ginseng
(Panax ginseng) is what most of us think of when Ginseng is mentioned. Indigenous to the forests of northeast China, Manchuria and Korea, Panax Ginseng comes in red or white varieties with red considered more warming and potent. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is a "Chi" tonic (vital energy or life energy force) and adaptogen with an affinity for the spleen and lung meridians. Modern scientific studies indicate Panax Ginseng stimulates the immune system; has anti fatigue, anti stress, anti tumor, anticancer and anti-aging properties; balances blood sugar levels; enhances mental performance and memory; lowers cholesterol; strengthens the heart muscle; and protects against radiation damage. Panax has had a notorious reputation as a sexual rejuvenator which studies give some credence to; albeit not to the degree of its reputation.
American Ginseng
Panax quinquefolium is indigenous to the eastern woodlands ranging from Georgia to Quebec and was used by many American Indian tribes. Ironically, American Ginseng is highly sought after in China, while Americans chase after Chinese. While having much the same adaptogenic qualities of Chinese, American is believed to be of a more "Yin" nature, cooler. What this means is that American Ginseng is excellent for the high-paced, stressed, not enough time culture that we live in. While still energizing the system, American Ginseng calms the central nervous system, quiets the brain and lowers blood pressure. Also because of its more Yin nature, it is generally better to use on a day to day, long term basis than Chinese. In my opinion American Ginseng is one of the best tonics for all-around health and vitality, particularly well suited for the world we've created.
Siberian Ginseng
Eleutherococcus senticosus, cousin to Panax ginseng, is native to Siberia, Japan, Korea and China with the Siberian grown being the highest prized. As with its cousins, Siberian Ginseng was traditionally used to promote longevity and general health. Research, mostly from Russia, confirms its abilities to increase mental and physical performance; stimulate the immune system, increasing phagocytosis; increase circulation and vasodilation; and to increase the benefits of medical radiation treatments while lessening the negative side-effects.If still confused, here's an overly simple guide I use for Ginseng. Korean Ginseng is best suited for long-term tonic and recovery, as well as support for your immune system. American Ginseng is for regular daily use, specially suited for energetic personality types. Siberian Ginseng is excellent for endurance and stamina; and well suited for athletes.
Red ginseng is the best gienseng to take because it has the best effect on the human's body.
A short answer to your question:
I use Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) very sparingly - it gives one the energy to get through the tough spots, and is very powerful, however it takes its toll if used too much.
American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) is great for treating ADD/ADHD
Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is my favourite. It is stimulating without being too stimulating (unlike Korean ginseng), and helps build stamina and strength. It is very well researched, and the research has shown that people taking Siberian ginseng at the beginning of winter don't have as many sick days as the control group.None of the ginsengs should be used when you have an acute infection.
Korean Red Ginseng is the best.
Panax Ginseng is a different root, it is white and grown quicker and far less potent.
Korean Red is more expensive but it is the best.
A close runner up for second if grown right here in the U.S. in Wisconsin, it is simply American Ginseng.
Don't be fooled by labels. Terms such as "pure", "genuine", "standardized", etc., don't mean anything unless the product has been made from the root of a MATURE ginseng plant, grown under proper conditions and processed correctly. It takes about six years for the Ginseng root to reach maturity, %26 if it is processed %26 packaged prematurley, it doesn't have the same potentsy.
Also, try to get the least amount of fillers as possible, these are the inactive ingrediants.
The more pure Korean Red Ginseng per capsule, the better, but, also the more expensive. Don't be cheap when it comes to your health.Good luck.
It depends on what you want the ginseng to do; Different Ginsengs for different issues. If you really are interested in Ginseng and its many uses, and types check out the link below


  1. I need help finding a new Ginseng. All of this info has helped me alot but I need one daily pill for ADHD, Energy because I wk 10hrs a day 7 days a week and its hard labor all day, and something that will keep my immune system up. I get colds alot and have had many surgeries over the yrs. from a partial hystorectomy, several chest tubes, lung surgery in 2006, and a large tumor removed from my neck in 2006 but had over 13 surgeries since I was a teen.
    OK, So can I find 1 Ginseng that will help all of these things? ADHD, Energy without feeling the jitters, mental and physical, and healthy immune system..

  2. I have learned a lot from reading this article on the different kinds of ginseng!I just got off coffee and all caffeine, because I believe that it has such a negative impact on the human body! Caffeine puts our bodies in a state of fight or flight mode when not necessary, and it raises stress hormones like cortisol etc. and on top of that it puts a great amount of strain and drain on the bodies adrenal glands!! I was so sick of feeling terrible and decided to learn more about ginseng and what it can do for the body and mind! I have never tried American ginseng, but i would love to! I really was looking for the best ginseng to give me smooth energy all day! Also to help with my immune system in every way! I am a female going on 47! I am looking forward to taking ginseng over caffeine any day! thanks for the information!

  3. A very interesting read - I believe that I have learnt a lot about Ginseng that I didn't already. Thank you.

  4. For the real deal, I visited the Guamsan Ginseng festival in central Korea. It's called insam in Korean.

    This is the center of Panax production in the country. Its grown by the tons. It was much like a farmers' county fair in rural America with rides and activities for the children.

    One surprise was the sidewalk cafes selling tempura ginseng. You get a big plate of smallish roots fresh from the fryer. Wash it down with makkol, a weak rice beer or cider.