Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is the best stuff to use to surely pass a drug test?

dont do drugs... you will pass every time!
dont take drugs ********
go to GNC and ask for a colon cleanser about a week before your drug test, drink tons of water and you should be fine, it worked for me! good luck
Eat lots of poppy seeds. ; )
Poppie seeds are the best way I know of.
synthetic urine depending on if they watch you or not, can buy at any smoke shop comes with temp gauge and hand warmer to get it up to temp. if they watch you i'd start pounding the h20 i also heard niacin works but will make you all red and itchy. or have someone piss for you.
GNC sells "body" detox drinks. They run from $20 to $40, but they are worth it. I caution you on the color you choose...it stains your tongue. Also, they taste like s*** but they work.
time and time alone is the best,I had to give a drug test once a week so unless you live in my ex home state California,you'll need 31 days to pass pot, most other drugs are out in a week, these are safe zones, best stay off the stuff. This coming from a 51yr young ex heroin addict,who was on methadone for 25 of those years.
The best way to pass is to abstain before taking one. If it is a urine test, 3 days is usually all that is required unless you use heavily. Drink lots of fluids and not just water (it will diluted your urine too much). Drink pop, coffee, tea, energy drinks, whatever, along with lots of water. You'll spend a lot of time in the loo but you may be able to flush your system in time. I'm not so sure about the poppy seed thing (didn't Myth-busters do an episode on that?) but I do know some companies test for golden seal and other herbs that are supposed to work. Seems to me that poppy seeds would make you test positive for opiates, I don't know, I don't remember the Myth-busters results.. Anyway, the lots of liquid thing worked for me a couple of times but I only use occasionally (socially) and nothing heavy, good luck.
umm i wouldn't suggest listening to those 2 about poppy seed the myth was confirmed on mythbusters and apparently a woman successfully sued a company for not hiring her after she got a false positive on a drug test because of eating poppy seed bagels that morning
I have no problem passing a drug test. My Secret is to pass the drugs up because they will get you in the end. Talk to some of your elders and some of those people who you think are really square, see if you can find out their secrets.

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