Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What does the *C-*R,MEAN on a prescription bottle right after the type of medication?

i take morphine,30mg's and on the bottle its reads morphine*C-*R.what does this mean?
Generally, CR means "controlled release" or "continued release"; in the case of morphine, it means that the morphine is released over a longer period of time, giving you pain relief over 12 hours rather than 4 or so.Hope that helps,
Controlled Release
CR= Continuous Release
XR= Extended Release
it means controlled release, which means that after you take the medicine it is absorbed slowly into your bloodstream and not all at once. This way the medicine works longer.
C.R. = controlled release. There is sometimes confusion with generics as a number of abbreviations can mean the same or different things!
M.R.= modified release
S.R. = slow release
X.L. is also a release system.the worry is are the preparations 12 or 24 hour release?C.R. is usually 12 hour.


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