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What is and how do you cure protein in the urine?

Protein in the urine is a result of your kidney's having damage and not functioning correctly. You correct it by going to the doctor and diagnosing what is causing the kidney damage.Under normal conditions a kidney should not be excreting protein. You should see a doctor to find out why yours are and make sure there is not a larger problem..
This can also happen when you are on a diet where you are eliminating most or all carbohydrate intake. If this is you, try adding some complex carbs (whole grains, etc.) back into your diet.
Protein in urine can occur for several reasons including intense exercise, fever, pregnancy and others. It can also be from kidney disease like nephrotic or nephritic syndrome. These are diseases where a person can lose a substantial amount of protein mainly albumin. In the case of kidney disease a transplant is often indicated.
Are you diabetic? Diabetic's show protein in their urine. You need to go to the doctor. By the way, how do you know, there is protein in your urine?
Your kidneys have the job of filtering your blood and sending the waste products out as urine. Most healthy people don't have significant protein in their urine (proteinuria). If you do, it usually means something is wrong. It can be a problem with your kidneys or another condition. Occasionally a person with this symptom can be healthy. So you can't cure proteinuria--you have to find and cure the underlying problem.Kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, and a host of other conditions cause this symptom.If you have proteinuria you should be seeing a doctor.
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You need know that normally, protein is not found in urine when a routine dipstick test is performed. This is because the kidney is supposed to keep large molecules, such as protein, in the blood and only filter out smaller impurities. Even if small amounts of protein do get through, they are normally re-absorbed by the body and used as a source of energy.Some proteins will appear in the urine if the levels of protein in blood become high, even when the kidney is functioning properly. (For a 24-hour test: the normal value is less than 150 mg per 24 hours)If the kidney is diseased, protein will appear in the urine -- even if the blood levels are normal.Abnormal results may mean an increase in urine protein, and this may indicate: * Amyloidosis
* Bacterial pyelonephritis
* Bladder tumor
* Congestive heart failure (inadequately perfusing the kidneys)
* Diabetic nephropathy
* Glomerulonephritis
* Goodpasture's syndrome
* Heavy metal poisoning
* Lupus erythematosus
* Malignant hypertension
* Multiple myeloma
* Nephrotic syndrome
* Nephrotoxic drug therapy
* Polycystic kidney disease
* PreeclampsiaWhat your problem? Sorry, I not know. I would recommend a thorough examination by your doctor. This will help detect any developing health problems as early as possible.
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  2. Aspirin, bicarbonates, chlorpromazine, porazine, corticosteroids and neomycin may affect protein electrophoresis results as well. It is important for individuals to tell their physician about all medications they are taking prior to undergoing any tests.


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