Saturday, August 8, 2009

What is a pill called Roxy?

My friend is taking a pill that he calls 'Roxys' and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about them. I found one at my house and I'm trying to figure out if this is what it is...? What is their real pharmaceutical name? What do they look like? Numbers, letters, color?
Roxy's are short for roxycodon. It's an addictive pain reliever that is sold in the drug market. I hope he has a prescription.It can become really addictive.
This girl above me is right, but I've also heard that term used for Roxicet. It is also more widely known as Percocet (if you've ever heard the term percs) and is a mix of acetaminophen and oxycodone. It's a fairly powerful painkiller used to treat moderate to severe pain, somewhat similar to morphine. Very addictive.They are most commonly white, sometimes round, sometimes that familiar pill shape. It depends on what the dosage is. If it is Roxicet, the number will most likely start with 5 4. If he takes them all the time, chances are he's got a bit of a dependency going. I've been taking them for years and I can't seem to stop. Just another thing to worry about. If he's hurting himself or the people around him (or her, I guess) talk to him about getting help. If he's not really hurting anybody, just kinda doing his own thing, leave him alone.And if you plan on taking them, have fun, be careful, and make sure you know what they are. Don't drink too much alcohol with them, it makes you nauseous and ruins the experience. Best wishes.
I have watched so many friends fall into this addiction. What people don't know is how the roxys affect the natural chemistry in your brain. So it's a lot of fun for those trying to quit. First off you struggle through the withdrawals, then you get depressed because your brain no longer provides those natural chemicals that have been sedated for so long, so the cycle begins. It can take a solid year for your body to balance the brains chemistry. So sad

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  1. It is sad!!!!! I have a long list of problems from severe arthritis to fibromyalgia and I will have to be on pain killers for the rest of my life, unfortunately, and i'm only 47. The sad part of these pain killers is I've been on them for 7 yrs and I see these young people getting hooked on them and making up excuses as to how bad tete bodies are, and how bad they need them. Now if you truly have physical problems, you can point out the people in a crowded room whom share your pain. So trust me, the ones who don't have the pain and say they do, your only lieing to yourself's. So stop. Get HELP. Most likely you will need them one day, enjoy life while you can, don't rush things.