Sunday, July 26, 2009

How long should I wait to drink alcohol after going off a medication such as hydrocodone(vicodin)?

I have not taken a dose in 48 hours.
You should consult your doctor so he can tell you the exact amount of time. Otherwise you are at risk.
48 hours is plenty of time...I would say 24 hours and you're in the clear.
You should be fine. The half-life of the hydrocodone is around 4 hours.
In the websites I'm looking at they all say not to consume alchole WHILE taking hydrocodone. So if you stopped taking it, I would wait two weeks, just so you don't have any in your system (and to be on the safe side) and you should be good.
after 24 hours just to be safe
You stopped drinking while you were on Vicodin? Wow you missed out.
Coming from a medical standpoint, after 10 hours you are in the clear. You can take maybe 1-2 vicodin and drink a little and you will be fine. But if you take too many and drink the tylenol in the vicodin will mix with the alcohol and hurt your liver and cause hepatoxicity which is liver poisoning. Which is why they tell you not to drink and take vicodin at the same time!
Hope this helps
take 2 and drink a sixer you'll feel great, just don't operate heavy machinery
48 hours your probably fine,However do not attempt to drink a six pack and take some vike at the same time, as atlesast two of the answerers have responded,you could land in ER, Cause you are combining two substances that you should not be doing.


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  2. Hello friend, good question to allow the body to lose any residue of any drug must pass at least two weeks to ensure that no side effects, in my case the past years should undergo an operation but I took Generic Cialis and before the tube operation to stop taking this medication two weeks before, at first you do blood test to check that the body is free of medication, is the same with alcohol and more than the Vicodin is a very strong medicine . I hope my information can help you!